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Bloomreach Experience Platform (brX)

And great commerce experiences all have one thing in common: exceptional product and content discovery.

Future is here

A Modern, API-First Experience Platform

Delivering an enterprise-grade digital experience doesn’t mean you have to settle for using legacy enterprise technology.

brX is the only solution that combines a modern, API-first ‘headless’ experience solution with AI-driven personalization and optimization technology. It is microservices-based, Cloud-native and specifically tuned to drive revenue growth within B2B and B2C commerce. 

Say goodbye to the headaches of legacy software and embrace a flexible future.


Let’s Answer Some Common Questions:

Headless and APIs are the future, but there are important things to consider as you make a technology choice to help you get here. Jump to any question below:

Is It Scalable? Is It “Enterprise-ready”?

A quarter (25%) of all commerce experiences in the U.S. and U.K. are powered by Bloomreach. We handle the biggest retailers on the planet with the biggest product catalogs. 

Our search module sees the most queries-per-second (QPS) of any search vendor and our content management module is designed to scale to more than a hundred million visits per month. 

Our content module is highly scalable to accommodate large traffic volumes (50+ million page views per month). Enjoy efficient caching, high-availability, industry-standard security and all-you-can-cluster.

Read more about our scalability here

 Does It Work with Modern Front-end Frameworks?

Absolutely. We’ve written about this extensively. Check out our recent tech talk at Bloomreach Connect 2020 for a full presentation on how we work with modern front-end technologies.

 Is It Customizable and Flexible?

Yes, yes and yes. 

The Content Management module (CMS) is extremely extensible. The open, standards-based platform integrates data, content and services to fuel continuous, insight-driven innovation in your customer experience.

Bloomreach Experience Manager offers a Java-based modular architecture in which every component is extensible and every feature can be exposed to other systems. The platform maintains a clean separation of concerns between content and presentation, and between authoring and delivery. It’s designed to fit in with your existing enterprise architecture and infrastructure. 

Bloomreach has extension points designed into all relevant areas of its architecture. All major components have interfaces, abstract base classes and various standard implementations that are extensible. Following the inversion of control design, they are substitutable either through Spring configuration or even on-the-fly through configuration stored in the content repository.

What's New!

Deploy Faster

Watch our recent tech talk from Bloomreach Connect 2020 on how to create drag-and-drop components from configuration instead of code. Technical Lead, Peter Centgraf, talks about Dynamic Components and how they’ll help your team to deploy faster.

Watch now

 Is It Secure?

Bloomreach provides safe and secure access and flexible access control and supports integration with all industry-standard security solutions.

  • brX incorporates full support for Single Sign-on.

  • brX has its own Identity and Access Management (IAM) system, so that end-users can control access and security groups to all parts of the User Interface. 

  • brX has developed a OpenID Connect (OIDC) provider using the OAuth 2.0 protocol, integrated with our backbone IAM, Auth0.
  • Customers can bring their own Identity Provider (such as Google, Facebook, Okta or an enterprise SAML Identity Provider).
  • Security groups, roles and users are consistent across the platform.
Read more about our security here

 How’s the Documentation?

See it for yourself! provides access to tutorials and walkthroughs, as well as a dedicated developer trial to offer front-end developers a faster and easier way to try out our approach. Thanks to our open source roots, many external developers have contributed to improving the documentation. Documentation, tutorials, training, blogs and even an advanced labs section where experts discuss best practices.

In addition to the documentation, the developer community is also thriving. The community came together to envision and impact the strategy of our SDKs by contributing to the new JavaScript and Vue.js SDKs.

We continue to expand our tech track at the annual user conferences (Bloomreach Connect) with jam-packed rooms, curious minds and tons of questions as well as through fostering a culture of knowledge sharing by contributing to the dedicated developer blog.

All of this is supported by the continuous investment of our channel partners - actively contributing to sharing Bloomreach knowledge among the developer community with blog articles like “Integrate Angular as a ‘multi-page app’ into Bloomreach Experience Manager (brXM)” by Jan Pralle from our German partner diva-e.

 How’s the Community?

Bloomreach's developer community consists of thousands of software engineers, solution architects and front-end developers from partners and customers. It also includes many individual contributors thanks to our open-source roots and developer edition of our product.

In fact, in the last year, Bloomreach received an outstanding number of contributions to the core repositories from our community. Many of these features and improvements have been or are currently being productized.

Next to Bloomreach's core repositories, the developer community also contributed to our React and Angular SDKs, as well as Integrations and Plugins using the Open UI feature of Bloomreach Experience. Meetups are organized throughout the year by Bloomreach, but also by developers at our partners, which fosters a culture of knowledge sharing.

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