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Bloomreach Recommendations & Pathways Module

96% of visitors to your website are there to browse, not buy. With recommendations, you can present relevant products and nudge more visitors to convert.


Recommendations in Isolation Are Just Guesses

Recommendations in the past have been a “bolt-on” feature that lives separate from the rest of the site, which creates a disjointed experience. The conversion improvements have been limited because the recommendations weren’t personalized to an individual at all, but rather based on the behavior of large groups.

Traditional recommendations don’t covert

Customers see recommendations every day, and most of them are not adjusted to real-time intent.

Expectations are not met

40% of B2C shoppers are willing to pay more for a better experience.


Convert Better on Any Page with Experience-Driven Recommendations

Intelligent product recommendations, influenced by search and informed by your preferences. Leverage the intelligent index that has been proven to increase revenue-per-visit by providing more accurate, personalized recommendations. Bloomreach Recommendations use AI to adapt based on customers’ affinity for product attributes. 

This Is How We Do It

Increase Conversions

Recommendations Give You More Conversion Opportunities

From category pages to shopping carts, to homepages—now you have the power to optimize every part of your website for purchases.

Build and launch in minutes

Create new recommendations by dragging and dropping widgets together (no more coding from scratch), then publish to your site in just a few clicks.

Customize to your unique goals with easy-to-use tools

Choose which products you want to highlight to achieve your business goals. Whether that’s drive higher margins and profitability by highlighting your in-house brands or reducing costs by uncovering new opportunities to target new products with excess inventory levels—the possibilities are endless.

A/B tests and powerful analytics for the best results

Run A/B Tests to see how a given recommendations widget resonates with visitors. Use the results to tweak and increase conversion rates. Continually experiment with different products and algorithms to see which one performs best.

Product Recommendations

Increase Basket Size and Profitability

Increase basket size and revenue by recommending products that are complementary to what the customer purchases.

Increase basket size, test new promotions

Use your recommendations for bestsellers, new arrivals, your house brand, excess inventory, limited-time deals—or anytime you’ve got bonus value to offer.

Show customers exactly what they want

What they really, really want. You can choose exactly how your recommendations are displayed, trigger what will appear, and dynamically swap in products based on visitors’ search terms.

Learn more about Experience-Driven Recommendations

Show recommendations in real-time using both customer and product data

Product recommendations are updated in real-time, leveraging not just customer data like shopping behavior and browsing but also Bloomreach’s intelligent index, including search intent and filter behavior.


Customers are able to find products and add them to cart much faster with Bloomreach. Overall, our basket-building speed went up by over 25%.

Shanti Vellanki, IT Director at Albertsons

Guided Selling

Build Custom Guided Selling Paths with Bloomreach Pathways

Make it easy for consumers to stay in control, manage their options, and arrive at more confident purchase decisions.

Create a relevant, seamless shopping experience

Surface the products your customers are looking for before they know it. Custom Pathways allows you to create a unique discovery experience for your customers through the search engine.

Encourage customers to explore products and categories

Solve for specific use-cases like encouraging customers to explore different products and categories from the Null-Search results page, homepage and more.

Create an exceptional product discovery experience

Leverage a diverse set of algorithms such as trending products, top-selling products or past purchases to address the ever-changing needs of different customer segments.

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