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Business Growth Comes from Great Commerce Experiences

Bloomreach Experience Platform (brX)

And great commerce experiences all have one thing in common: exceptional product and content discovery.

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Focus on the key differentiator

A Strategic Approach to Commerce Experience

You already know that customers have high expectations for a digital experience. Our data shows that with a great eCommerce experience they’ll engage more, spend more and come back more often.*  

The problem is there are a hundred ideas of how to improve the experience, everything from redesigning your PDPs to investing in innovative IoT projects.

What should you prioritize? 

State of Commerce Experience Study

What Drives Real Growth in eCommerce?

Our data shows that 80% of visitors engage with either your search bar or your navigation and browse experience.

Want to make an immediate, sizable impact on revenue?

Start with product discovery and the content to help people find the right product. 

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Start Small. Start with Product Discovery.

Product discovery is more than a search box or a recommendation widget. It’s content to inspire and educate. It’s merchandising to tell the story. It’s personalization to understand the customer and their specific need or application.

Build experiences that convert with product discovery. 

All while minimizing your technology spend. Up and running in 6 weeks, results as early as 8.

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What Makes Bloomreach Different?

API-first platform

Bloomreach is an API-first platform built on modern architecture. You have the flexibility to use the platform in a modular fashion to complement a headless, microservices strategy. 

12+ years of practical AI and ML experience

Bloomreach has 12+ years of practical AI and ML experience with tools to drive proven business outcomes in commerce.

Powering 25% of all US and UK commerce experiences

Bloomreach now powers 25% of all U.S. and U.K. commerce experiences. We deeply understand products and people in order to deliver personalized experiences for your customers.

Success Stories

Drive Measurable Growth

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more revenue

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We definitely get the sense that we are tackling more bigger-picture problems, like how do we drive product discovery and expose users to new categories, new products, new services.

Doug Gribbel
Senior Manager, Global eCommerce



increase in basket-building speed

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Bloomreach is a huge value add to the overall shopping experience. The improved quality of search results increased customer satisfaction and engagement.

Shanti Vellanki
IT Director



increase in search revenue

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We rely on the Bloomreach algorithm to really drive the majority of our search results and navigation and filter placements.

Brooke Logan
Sr. eCommerce Manager
Keep existing investments

You Don’t Need to Replatform

If commerce platforms are great at handling carts and transactions, running promotions, managing checkout and building a catalog....

Why are you trying to solve an experience problem with a commerce platform?

Some commerce platforms have limited experience tools, but that’s not what they were built for. If you needed to revamp an in-store experience, you wouldn’t start with the cash register, would you?

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