A New Approach to Delivering Experiences to Your Customers

BrX offers the only solution that integrates an open CMS with AI Search and Merchandising tools.

This powerful combination means you can build connected experiences: your products and services are enhanced with rich content, intelligent search, and the engagements that compel customers to buy and progress to lifetime customers.

These capabilities together allow you to build the entire experience focused on your customers.

One platform to learn which content and products your customers are looking for, to deliver the content they want to see, and to optimize everything with algorithms.

A New Approach to Delivering Experiences to Your Customers

Bloomreach Experience Manager

The open and intelligent CMS.

1. Tell an engaging story

Tell an engaging story across every touchpoint including voice, Single Page Apps, chatbots and websites

2. Personalize the journey

Personalize the journey by profiling, segmenting and targeting different audiences

3. Orchestrate the experience

Orchestrate the experience with native microservices architecture designed to pull in data from marketing automation, CRM, commerce, order management, etc.

Bloomreach Search and Merchandising

Tools for site search and merchandising driven by Artificial Intelligence.

1. Drive your visitors to purchase faster

Drive your visitors to purchase faster by delivering personalized category pages and search results

2. Merchandise strategically

Merchandise strategically with data-driven, actionable insights based on your company's KPIs

3. Eliminate time-consuming tasks

Eliminate time-consuming tasks by automating operational processes, scheduling product launches, and blacklisting products across sites.

Two Paths to the Future

An experience-led, microservices architecture is the future, but we realize you may not be ready to jump ship immediately.

  • Re-Platform to BloomReach

    Bloomreach can power your entire experience in conjunction with a headless commerce platform.
    That gives you complete flexibility and freedom to build the customer experience you want.

  • Upgrade your Experience

    If you prefer to let your e-commerce platform present the experience, we understand.
    Use BloomReach to power search, merchandising, and certain page types and give your marketing team more flexibility. Or, simply use our CMS to insert content in a “headless” way to whatever channel you’d like.