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Bloomreach Experience Cloud (brX)

Learn how brX can take your business to the next level, with the agility and flexibility you need to compete.

Integratable with great systems

What is Bloomreach Experience Cloud?

brX is built specifically to deliver best-in-class B2B and B2C commerce experiences. It is the only solution that combines a modern, API-first ‘headless’ experience solution with intelligence-infused personalization and optimization technology. It enables you to deliver relevant, contextual, and consistent product and content experiences to your customer across all the sites, apps, and other touchpoints they interact with.

Headless Experience with Headless Commerce is the Future

Legacy commerce and content platforms can no longer meet your business needs.

brX enhances your headless strategy with a contemporary API-first architecture you crave so your teams can innovate and move fast to compete and differentiate.

It is time to leverage an API-first solution that combines intuitive marketing and merchandising tools, uses intelligence to optimize each customer experience, and combines industry leading search to deliver exceptional experiences that help you grow your business.

What Is The Difference Between a Headless Experience Cloud and a Headless CMS?

Headless content and commerce solutions solve a lot of problems. Enabling fast test-deploy-release cycles and allowing developers to work with a modern, light-weight frontend like React or Angular. But there are important gaps to understand, especially for those trying to drive real business through their sites and apps. 

brX has all the advantages of a headless CMS plus powerful marketing and merchant tools like preview, in-line editing, AI-powered search, personalization, optimization, and A/B/n testing and build unique experiences to grow and innovate faster.

Watch the Difference

Build to the Modern Technology Stack


Bloomreach Experience Cloud is 100% headless. Every element of the system used to drive the end-user experience is available via API. From the smallest screen in your house, to the biggest screen in the stadium, to no screen at all, Bloomreach supports both creation and control of any channel your content touches.

  • Use the front-end of your choice. brX support React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js. Node.js, and customers can also choose to use the Bloomreach java-based front-end as well.
  • Our headless solution and reference front-ends ship pre-integrated to the leading headless commerce platforms such as commercetools and ElasticPath, and can be easily adapted to leverage others such as SAP Commerce, Salesforce B2C Commerce, or Salesforce B2B Commerce.
  • Enable developers and marketers to work independently with business user tools to manage and layout experiences, leverage optimization, and then deliver them to the front-end via APIs that deliver complete JSON to enable the experience 
  • Create custom APIs to differentiate and use your unique data and business logic
  • Power a mix of touchpoints from traditional site delivery, partial page rendering, SPAs, PWAs, mobile apps and IoT devices


Bloomreach Experience Cloud is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and provides the flexibility to instantly build, test and deploy your digital experiences and deploy them globally without infrastructure overhead.

  • Fast deployment, access to the APIs supporting Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) to individual environments
  • Highly scalable architecture, additional capacity and scale can be added in just a few clicks
  • Leverages Docker and Kubernetes for rock-solid production environments and flexibility

Single Page Applications

Bloomreach fully support Single Page Applications (SPAs) and offers a number of APIs designed to optimize the performance, personalization, and optimization of the experience. The Headless Experience API allows customers to run their SPA while maintaining full control of the experience with intuitive, easy to use business user tools including drag and drop, flexible components, and full preview.

  • Drag and drop SPA content components onto a page
  • Integrated preview and in-context editing
  • All delivered via API, with full JSON support to drive the experience to the front-end of your choice

Integrate with Anything


Choose the light-weight front-end that works best for you, or use Bloomreach HST to keep things simple. Bloomreach Starter-Stores pre-integrate to leading commerce platforms to help your teams move faster, adapting these to deliver the unique brand and commerce experiences you need to compete.


Bloomreach has developed integrations ad connectors so that you can leverage existing investments. From (headless) commerce platforms to full eCommerce solutions, to developing your own custom integrations, Bloomreach whole-heartedly supports a best-of-breed approach to shape your digital business.

Key Technology Partners

Integrate the marketing tools your business needs to improve the digital experience for your customers. Bloomreach has readymade integrations with web analytics, DAM, Single Sign On and translation software.

Create and Control The Whole Experience Across All Channels

In-context Editing

Edit and preview content without leaving the page with preview that includes text, visuals and products inserted on the page. Publish updates instantly across every channel.

  • Preview the full site, including single page applications
  • Easily find and edit on-page content
  • Insert and edit merchandised products directly on the page

Omni-channel Experience Management

Bloomreach Experience Cloud works with content components, not pages. Each component can be separated from the page format and published across multiple sites and channels simultaneously. 

Reuse and update text, graphics, images, videos, interactive components, visuals and forms across all your channels. Publish on any channel whether it's your single page application, website, app, kiosk, IoT device.

  • Reduce workload and minimize errors
  • Ensure brand consistency across channels

Landing Pages & Microsites

Launch, manage and customize campaign specific landing pages and microsites at top speed without depending on IT.

Quickly create a new page or site from start to finish:

  • Customize the URL
  • Drag and drop content, components and products onto the page
  • Preview exactly how the site will look before publishing

Personalize and Optimize the Experience

Personalized Content & Products

Create targeted customer experiences across mobile, social and web channels to deliver the right content and products to the right audience at the right time.

  • Progressive customer attribution based on context, situation, behavior and purchase history
  • Real-time and historical analysis of individual visits and customer journeys
  • Integrate with customer data sources, such as CRM, CDP, and marketing solutions

1-1 Personalized Search

Bloomreach Experience Cloud understands individual user preferences and change product rankings, product recommendations, search results, and content targeting based on what a user is most likely to engage with in real-time, all via API.

  • For new and returning visitors 
  • Personalization at a one-to-one and segment level
  • Cross-device personalization across sites, apps

Guided Selling

Enhance your visitor's search, browse and landing page experience with Pathways. For the first time ever, tweak and tailor Bloomreach's intelligent algorithm to display products across multiple digital channels and suit your business goals. 

  • Surface the products your customers are looking for before they know it
  • Upsell and cross-sell with “You may also like” or “Others also viewed" widgets
  • Choose which products you want to highlight like sales items, house brand, excess inventory

Drive Conversion with AI-powered Site Search

Boosted Revenue

Bloomreach Experience Cloud includes Bloomreach’s site search, the market leader for many reasons. Ensure you deliver the most relevant and personalized search results every time. 

Increase revenue per visitor (RPV) for both search and browse experiences by up to 5-10% across all devices. Proven best-in-class algorithms and powerful merchandising capabilities help improve customer experience, shorten the customer journey, and increase conversion.

AI Powered

Bloomreach uses semantic understanding to learn your customers' intent and create relevant suggestions for users that match commonly-used language. Paired with revenue-optimized autosuggest, Bloomreach offers the fastest route to find the products your customers are looking for.

  • Continuously optimizes results based on visitor behavior
  • Extensive machine learning capabilities to scale
  • Merchandisers can manually tweak to refine results

Transform Your Merchandising With Data & Optimization

Intuitive Merchandising Tools

Bloomreach's AI-powered merchandising technology works in tandem with merchandisers to help them be more data-driven and impactful.

  • Quickly learn which products are under-performing and which need more exposure
  • Boost, bury or lock-in-place products to tell a visual story 
  • Personalize how products are displayed by segment
  • Merchandise products and schedule a go-live date to avoid a product launch rush

Customizable Algorithms

Adapt Bloomreach’s algorithm to what's important to your business. The software can ingest data, like offline sales, returns or cost data, in order to create your an algorithm unique to your business.

This gives you the power to:

  • Give more weight to higher margin products
  • Bury low inventory products on the page
  • Incorporate offline sales data for a tailored, omni-channel experience

Actionable Insights

Understand how your customers behave with insights into their journeys and unique preferences. Translate that directly into action to improve your search and browse behavior. 

  • Track groups of products, brands, pages, categories or search queries
  • Set up and analyze A/B testing to further optimize for conversion

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