Description gocertify is a unique platform that enables brands to enhance their discount and offer strategies through innovative verification tools and offer management capabilities. With gocertify, brands can run offers for specific user groups, such as students or key workers, and even create white-label offer pages to display all their discounts. The platform is designed […]



SCAYLE is one of the fastest-growing enterprise commerce platforms in the world. Built by retailers for retailers, SCAYLE is a fully composable platform that’s seamlessly connected through UI. Its extensive ready-to-use enterprise feature set includes omnichannel, marketplace capabilities, and a headless storefront accelerator. With SCAYLE, retailers can configure without coding. And code without limits. Because […]



KODLY has expertise in Digital Transformation, with strong focus on software delivery automation (CICD & DevOps) and migration of applications to the Cloud (Cloud Adoption). We have experience in moving legacy applications to a cloud environment, helping our customers to: reduce costs, increase productivity, security and reliability.   ecommerce Solutions Kodly does implementation or migration […]



Company Overview: With over 2 million developers worldwide, Netlify is leading the transition to modern Jamstack-based web development. By uniting the ecosystem of developer tools and technologies, Netlify makes it easier than ever to build, deploy, and scale web applications. Recently we announced Series D of $105M led by Bessemer Venture Partners, with participation from […]



Über das Unternehmen: Mit über 2 Millionen Entwickler:innen weltweit ist Netlify marktführend beim Übergang zur modernen Jamstack-basierten Webentwicklung. Durch die Zusammenführung des Ökosystems von Entwickler-Tools und -Technologien macht Netlify die Erstellung, Bereitstellung und Skalierung von Webanwendungen einfacher denn je. Kürzlich haben wir eine Serie D von 105 Millionen Dollar unter der Leitung von Bessemer Venture […]



Présentation de l’entreprise : Avec plus de 2 millions de développeurs dans le monde, Netlify mène la transition vers un développement web moderne basé sur Jamstack. En réunissant l’écosystème des outils et des technologies de développement, Netlify facilite plus que jamais la création, le déploiement et la mise à l’échelle des applications Web. Nous avons […]

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