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Essen, Germany



About Mindcurv

Mindcurv creates, manages and evolves advanced digital solutions, experiences and the enabling cloud infrastructures.  Our international offices operate as a single, borderless team servicing our clients across Europe.

Mindcurv believes that to stay market leading, companies must be able to continuously adapt their digital experience to keep pace with the relentless increase in customer expectations as well as the never-ending onset of competitors.

Choosing the right technology - such as BloomReach - to enable the continuous evolution of your digital experience is key, but not enough. 

Technology needs to be applied in the right manner.  This means architecting a solution from the start that is flexible, future-ready and can truly evolve with your business.  It also means setting up modern, agile, continuous experience design and delivery process - with the associated toolchains and automation.  

At Mindcurv we know that investment returns are not only driven by the initial creation of a unique experience solution, but largely by how well you can manage and evolve it!  This is why our customers have entrusted us to help them to realize over €2 billion in revenues annually through the platforms we build and/or run for them.

If you are serious about advanced “continuous digital experience delivery” we’d love to talk!


Core Capabilities

  • Commerce
  • Experience Management
  • Search & Merchandising


  • EMEA