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Hippo partners with Xaton to improve services for Mobile and Web solutions

Let's make a change here.Xaton has run an extensive comparison study covering multiple open source portals and content management systems. Our decision to engage with Hippo was based on two critical factors: Integration of software and portal product into one product and the ability to publish to multiple channels (mobile, print, website). After participating in a number of Hippo training course, the Xaton team was even more enthusiastic and decided to closely work together with Hippo in the future.

“For too long CMS systems have been considered closed applications offering specific functionality to specific users” says Dennis Tilgenkamp, Director Xaton. “The open source products of Hippo enable us to realize solutions for our customers in a quick and reliable manner, in which it is not only possible to maintain information, but also possible to share this information between processes, users and systems.”

Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer, Chief Commercial Officer Hippo: “The partnership with Xaton is a great addition to our network of technology partners, since Xaton focuses on both Web and Mobile applications. In a world where increasingly the site visitor selects the channel, multichannel capabilities have become essential. At Hippo we build software that recognizes each channel behaves differently, and makes the most out of each in line with the organizations goals. With Xaton we found the ideal partner for the increasingly important mobile channel”.

About Hippo:
By leveraging Content Management and Portal technologies, Hippo helps companies to manage and access information, protect sensitive data, share knowledge, optimize collaboration and reduce operational costs. With the combination of enterprise-class support and open source technology, Hippo provides its users with the best of both worlds: the flexibility, innovation and robustness of open source software combined with the stability, reach and service quality of an established vendor.
Hippo was founded in 1999 and today has a global base of over 150 customers across multiple industries including education, publishing, manufacturing, financial services and government. Hippo was recognized by Deloitte in its Fast 500 for 2007, 2008 and 2009 based on revenue growth. To support the rapidly expanding Hippo community, Hippo has over 60 employees located in its European headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and North American headquarters in San Francisco, California.

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About Xaton:
Xaton excels in the delivery of web and mobile technology based solutions. The teamwork of our functional, technical and visual specialists enables us to realize projects within time and budget. We have vast experience in the successful implementation of CMS systems, specifically when these systems form an integrated part of a complete solution. Next to integration and implementation, Xaton also maintains the solutions for its clients.

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Paul Arkenbout
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