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Hippo CMS has been chosen by the municipal Schijndel.

The municipal Schijndel laid eyes on an ambitious plan. In 2010, Schijndel wants to be a leading municipal on the scope of digital provision of services and interaction with their citizens. Choosing a content management platform is an important selection, since this will be determining regarding the prosperity of these plans. To realize their demanding plans, municipal Schijndel has chosen for the Hippo CMS.

ICT environments within the Netherlands are known for their large diversity on closed legacy systems. The closed nature of these systems make digital interaction with citizens harder.

The Dutch government is aware of these problems. That is why she started the program Open Source Software and Open Standards (OSSOS) in 2002. The purpose of this program is to stimulate open source packages. From 2006 on, Open Standards will become obligatory. The Open Standards, for a large part XML, can assure that also legacy applications can exchange data in the near future. A prerequisite for digital provision of services.

Within travelling branches, very valuable supplements have been encountered by combining different legacy travelling applications with the XML application framework Apache Cocoon (part of the Hippo CMS).

Hippo is the leading specialist regarding Apache Cocoon in the Netherlands, and has the only native XML package on the Dutch market.

Hippo is extending her provision of services to local authorities and diverse (semi)governments such as bodies of surveyors of the dikes, health and educational institutes. With Hippo CMS, municipal realizes digital provision of services on an effective, low cost, platform.


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