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Bloomreach Content (SaaS): Performance Review

Download this report to get a closer look at the performance testing results of the core APIs provided by Bloomreach Content (SaaS).

In our performance review report, you’ll find:
  • Performance results for high-traffic scenarios
  • Performance results for realistic commerce scenarios
  • Performance results for outlier or extreme situations
  • Possible use cases for each scenario

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The data in this report is based on Bloomreach's customer base of over 500+ brands and enterprise businesses. Combined, these businesses account for the equivalent of 25% of all retail ecommerce experiences in the US and UK, totaling over $200 billion in annual sales.

Report Details

For this report, Bloomreach conducted a series of performance tests of Bloomreach Content. Tests results account for several different scenarios, most of which represent artificial but realistic use cases expected for more sites.

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Explore this report for valuable insights into how Bloomreach Content might perform for your site, as well as how it works in even the most stressful conditions.