Zuletzt angesehene Produkte im Checkout anzeigen

Die Vorteile

Beeinflussen Sie die Kaufentscheidungen Ihrer Kund:innen und zeigen Sie ihnen beim Checkout Artikel an, die sie sich angesehen haben, um sie zu zusätzlichen Käufen zu bewegen.

  • „Die Jeansjacke, die du dir angesehen hast, würde dir bestimmt super stehen.“

Der Mehrwert

Durchschnittlichen Bestellwert (AOV) steigern.

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Video Transcript

In this example, I will show how Bloomreac can create a real time personalized product recommendation pop up on a website cart checkout page. This recommendation will include the last few items of each individual customer. And as you can see here, we have a lot of these templates out of the box and we’re gonna be using the recommendation box for this example. And for this, we’re going to select the customer recent interaction model which will tailor every single product to the ones that each customer has been browsing most recently. And what we wanna do is trigger this on a cart checkout page and maybe on exit intent. So let’s scroll down a little bit here and instead of on entry, we’re going to set on Exit and maybe for the title, let’s make it a little more provocative and copy in. Don’t forget these amazing suits you viewed because this is a Suits catalog. So this will be a preview of what it would look like for a customer. And lastly, we will go into the settings to make sure that all the configuration is correct. We want to set this up for any page containing card, we want to target specifically for desktop devices. We want this only until they’ve interacted. So that’s fine. We’re gonna set the consent to a browser notification and afterwards I think we’re ready to go. So let’s start this campaign. And from here, let’s go into the sample store and navigate to the cart. And you can see we don’t have any products. But for this example, if I were to hover over to the clothes, it will trigger this pop up and you’ll see this dress for you, these items that will show up. And hopefully this will give you an idea on a powerful use case to drive customer average order value.

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