Steuern Sie die Sichtbarkeit Ihrer Facetten und Facettenwerte

Die Vorteile

Kontrollieren Sie die Facetten und Facettenwerte, die Ihre Besucher:innen während Ihrer Kampagnen sehen. Oder Sie lassen den Algorithmus von Bloomreach ganz für Sie entscheiden.

  • Schließen Sie bestimmte Facetten von Ihren Aktionsseiten aus.
  • Entscheiden Sie, welche Facetten auf Ihrer gesamten Website bevorzugt angezeigt werden sollen.
Der Mehrwert

Personalisieren Sie Ihre Kampagnen auf Kundenebene und passen Sie Facetten und Facettenwerte entsprechend an. Oder Sie lassen Bloomreachs’ Algorithmus entscheiden.

Personalisieren Sie mit Bloomreach

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Video Transcript

I'm running a campaign to drive
people to my holiday category page.
But when they get there, I wanna make sure
that only certain facets
are available to view because there's quite a few
on there. And I don't want my um people coming
in from the campaign to get distracted.
So to do this, I'm gonna go into my
facet management within the categories
themselves. And now I can customize
what those are for that particular category.
So first, I'm gonna go in and find
my holiday category page here.
And then I'm also only gonna apply this
to people that come in through my email,
which is designated email 123
in our audience targeting list here.
Now, I can see my
facet values that would be normally
be displayed, but I'm gonna hide a number
of these. So I'm gonna go in and
product brand. I'm gonna hide type.
I'm gonna hide country of origin. I'm going
to hide on sale. I'm going to
boost and always show because this is a specific
campaign brand is always important
for my business. I'm always gonna show that
sizes are, I don't wanna remove
those, but I'm gonna bury them towards the bottom
of the list. Don't need this one either
and ship to store. I'm also going to hide.
So now I've reduced the number of facets
that would be visible to the end user
that comes in through that campaign. And
I've also boosted my on sale
promotional items as well in the facet
management side of that. I can save
that and have that only be applied
to the people that come in through my specific

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