Retargeting von Kunden, die mit Kampagnen interagieren, aber nichts kaufen

Die Vorteile

Nutzen Sie jede Chance auf Conversions, indem Sie Kund:innen, die Ihre E-Mails öffneten, aber nichts kaufen, z.B. mit Snapchat Ads erneut ansprechen.

  • Zeigen sie all jenen, die Ihre E-Mail geöffnet, aber nichts darin angeklickt haben, eine zusätzliche Anzeige auf Snapchat.

Der Mehrwert

Conversions und Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) steigern.

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Video Transcript

Let's talk about ways that you can use Bloomreach to optimize
your marketing channels. So for example, if
a customer engages with a Snapchat ad but doesn't
place an order, maybe that channel wasn't
the most effective for that specific customer
that said let's instead target that customer
and others similar via email
and see if they're more likely to engage with that channel.
So how do we do this? Uh Let's start
out by building the audience of
customers who did not convert from Snapchat ad
because we only work with zero and first party data here.
We're only able to track a engagements through the
U T M parameters present in a page R L
during a web session.
So for example, if I click through an
ad, the website URL that I land
on might have a U T M parameter kind
of similar to this one right here. So U T M campaign
equals Snapchat ad at the end of
the URL.
So back in the condition node,
I'll filter on a session, start
event first
and I want to narrow this down to only
se and start events
where the U T M campaign
is set to Snapchat ads.
I'll then use our funnel feature here
which enforces
an order of operations to say and then a purpose
event happened.
But because we want to make sure that people did not place
an order will negate this,
I'll set a completion period of 24
So these two steps must have happened within
one day
and all of this must have happened in the last
Now, all of these customers right now
that are being pulled in are people who do
not meet this criteria. So, although
they don't meet the criteria of placing an order, I do
want to make sure they meet the criteria of coming to the
website through this UAM parameter.
So I'll just add one more here for that session start
using and criteria.
I'll enforce that U T M
campaign criteria of Snapchat
Make sure these time frames are matched up
and there we go from here. I can pick and
choose what trigger that I want. I can
have it set to go out right now or
you know, schedule it on a certain date, repeating
cadence or triggered by a customer action.
I'll just do repeating for now and I'll say
every single week on Mondays
done, connect those two here
and I'll drag in my email module
right in here.
And so others know what this condition is. I'll go ahead
and name this
Snapchat none
and that is all. So now,
not only is this saving my team time from having to
manually send out an email every single week.
But I'm also able to incorporate customer data
from multiple sources in my ad strategy decision

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