Zeigen Sie in Ihrem Shop Produkte, die in E-Mails oder auf Social Media beworben werden

Die Vorteile

Verwenden Sie Targeting- und Boosting-Funktionen, um Produkte, die Sie in Ihren E-Mails präsentieren, auf Ihren Kategorieseiten ganz oben erscheinen.

  • Zeigen Sie das gleiche Badeanzugmodell in Ihren E-Mails auch auf der Landing Page Ihrer Frühlingskampagne an prominenter Stelle.

Der Mehrwert

Vermeiden Sie Absprünge, indem Sie begehrte Produkte auf Ihren Kategorieseiten weiter oben präsentieren.

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Video Transcript

Hey, good morning.
My name is I'm such a consultant with Blue.
And here today, I'm talk to you about
how you can personalize the
raking for a category. Given
you refer
the source of these case such as building
a landing page for in this case,
spring break event, having sent out an email
to try, try and inform your customers
that it's being done.
Event is could
you featured some products and now you wanna make sure
that when they come in to that category
page that they see the products that we put
in the email in the first
couple of spots, that way they feel familiar, there's
a sense of continuity from the email to
the search browse experience. And
that way the shopper has less friction
on the wall path to purchase
and finds the products they're looking for much easier.
So here within Blue Witch, I just go ahead and
navigate to my category banking rules page
and do search and merchandizing to the category ranking
And once I'm in here, I can go ahead and create the rule
that I want for the given category page.
In this case, I'm gonna be using shares. This is
what is included in my email
and select in that category basically allows
me to view the products in the way that they
would show up on that given category page.
And I'm here, I can find the product that would definitely
some email such as this natural chair
and I can drag and drop and rearrange that
and now they'll be locked in position one
specifically, I can set this rule to apply for everybody
or I can browse to my audiences by my spring
break audience. And that way I've applied
this rule to only people that come in on
that refer you.
So in this way, I've created a specific
rule for this category page only for people
that come in from that audience, making
sure that anybody that comes in off that email
has the same continuous experience
and finds the product looking for in the fastest way possible.

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