Bewerben Sie Ihre Kampagnen mit Bannern auf Ihrer Website

Der Vorteil

Erstellen Sie Banner, um Ihre Kampagnen direkt auf Ihrer Website zu bewerben.

  • Zeigen Sie Ihre aktuellen Verkaufszahlen.
  • Bewerben Sie saisonale Angebote (Black Friday, Back-to-School, etc.).
Der Mehrwert

Generieren Sie Traffic und fördern Sie Ihre Produkte auf Seiten mit Inhalten aus Ihren aktuellen Kampagnen.

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Video Transcript

Part of Bloomreach's operational tools includes
the ability to upload assets
as well as campaigns.
Assets are images
banner such as banners,
html and plain text
that's able to be allocated to specific
can categories or search
When you upload an image, you're able to assign
specific URL S multiple URL
S to different hotspots with the image or
no link just for branding
and campaign purposes.
Once that image is uploaded
and or referenced from a specific
URL, you can save that campaign
or that asset to tag to
a specific campaign
to apply the asset to a campaign. You
go to campaigns
and assign that asset to
a term for this. In this instance,
for William Sonoma, they're using the college
kitchen campaign name
where they're pulling in the asset that was previously
uploaded for college kitchen and assigning
it to specific terms.
You could personalize these campaigns to apply
to specific audiences
and for certain durations that
coordinate with your marketing calendar.
Once you're happy with these configurations hit save,
and you could see these banners
show up on the front end of the website as
applied uh on your search
page template from your JSON response.
In this case, I search for college kitchen
and you see the college kitchen banner show
up. Once you click through, it'll bring
you to the college kitchen landing page as
built out by the William
Sonoma marketing team.

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