Heben Sie Produkte über einen bestimmten Zeitraum hervor

Der Vorteil

Bewerben Sie in Ihren Marketingkampagnen bestimmte Produkte, indem Sie sie über den Kampagnenzeitraum auf Ihren Kategorieseiten sichtbarer hervorheben.

  • Bewerben Sie ausgewählte Produkte in personalisierten Empfehlungen auf Ihren Kategorieseiten.

Der Mehrwert

Sparen Sie Zeit beim Ändern Ihrer Ranking-Regeln nach Abschluss der Kampagne, indem Sie Regeln erstellen, die nach einer bestimmten Zeit automatisch auslaufen.

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Video Transcript

Summer is here and we're making a push
for our outdoor furniture sales through
the end of July.
Let's come into our dashboard
and see how we can do this
under search and merchandizing and categories.
We'll click on our category ranking rules
and add a new ranking rule.
Now, here you can start typing in if you'd
uh or you can even put
in a category ID if that's what you know
is my category ID that I'd like to
merchandise here.
Now, what you'll see is the current
product grid that we just saw on our front
end, I can come
under our attributes, all of these attributes are
coming from our product data.
So under this product descriptive attributes,
I'll click on category and I'll start
selecting my larger outdoor
furniture items. OK? So we
have uh dining furniture.
We've got some uh some wicker
and then even some
coffee tables and accent
tables. OK? So
adding in these items I can go through, I
can give us a nice, good boost.
And now you'll see that that current product grid
is going to update immediately showing
these higher priced
The next step of course is to make sure we have
that, that duration set. So we want
to run this through the end of July.
So, what we could do is add in a custom
range. I'll set it active from today
the end of July.
And now what we'll see is we can come
back to our front end,
go back to that outdoor site.
You'll see our updated list here
pushing those higher price items all
the way to the top.
Now, this will run through the end of the month
of July
and will automatically stop when that
time frame has ended.

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