Fördern Sie kategorieübergreifendes Browsing

Der Vorteil

Ermutigen Sie neue und treue Kund:innen, neue Wege zu gehen.

  • Ermöglichen Sie kategorieübergreifendes Browsing auf Ihren Kategorieseiten.
  • Zeigen Sie verwandte Produkte wie Babykleidung, sobald sich Shopper:innen Schwangerschaftskleidung ansehen.
Der Mehrwert

Durchschnittlichen Bestellwert (AOV) steigern und über Ihr vielfältiges Angebot die Kundenbindung stärken.

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Video Transcript

Hello, everyone
today, we'll be walking through how we can use
bmi's category pathways on one
category page
to help highlight and showcase products
from within another category.
This will help increase average order
value and hence drive additional
revenue for your business.
So right now, if I can navigate to
our furniture and specifically
to our living room furniture category,
I am immediately presented with products
from within that category.
However, on the top of this category page,
I would like to add a widget that's highlighting products
from another category that says,
you know, maybe there's some labs that can go along
with this living room furniture that I'm browsing.
So to do that, I'm gonna navigate to
my bloom reach merchandizing tool
under my pathways and recommendations.
I'm going to add a widget,
but this widget we're going to call it. You
may also like
and the primary algorithm that we're gonna be
using is our category
since we're doing this on a category page
and then we're gonna click on next step to
merchandise, what we want to show
in that widget.
So I'm going to do a search
for lamp products
and I'm going to select some of the lamps
that I would like to show
on the top of that category
page for living room, furniture.
And lastly this
one. All right. So
now I have added those lamps to
that widget.
I will go ahead and click on
and that will generate this
widget id
using the widget ID. I can then
configure this on the front end page to
show up on my specific
category page. So to do that,
I navigate to my experience manager,
I go down to my
furniture category and specifically
my living room furniture.
And then I am going to add my
product grid widget
to the top of the
listing for those products in that
Once I do that, I will then
go ahead and configure this widget
to be specific to that category.
And I will then paste
this widget id
for the widget. We just merchandise
and I'm going to also call this. You
may also
like once
that's done, I'm going to give
this a column with of
and I click on save.
I then go ahead and I publish these changes
so they take effect on my
front end.
And now when I go in and I refresh
this page,
I can see
those products from my
lighting category
for labs that may go along
with the living room furniture category
for the products that the customer is browsing.
Thank you.

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