Führen Sie Facetten zusammen für einen einheitlichen Look & Feel

Der Vorteil

Kombinieren Sie zwei oder mehr Facetten, für ein einheitliches Erscheinungsbild.

  • Konsolidieren Sie beschreibende Facetten wie „Sommerkleid“ und „Abendkleid“ in einer gemeinsamen Facette wie „Kleid“, um Ihre Kleiderkategorie möglichst effizient analysieren zu können.

Der Mehrwert

Verwalten Sie Daten von unterschiedlichen Quellen, indem Sie duplizierte Facetten zusammenführen.

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Video Transcript

Today, our focus lies on a particular
product wire.
We collaborate with a select group of suppliers
and interestingly, most of them provide
wire in similar colors.
However, we encountered a slight discrepancy
supplier, a labels the wire as
black yellow.
While supplier B refers to
it as yellow, black,
it can be quite a challenge for our customers
to navigate through an array of color options.
Therefore, as a thoughtful merchandiser,
I've made the decision to harmonize these
color descriptions into a unified one
to do. So let's navigate
over to the global facet rules section
in the setup menu of the bloom reach dashboard,
first click add rule.
Next we will click edit value
for the color facet and then find
our color combinations by searching
in the search box.
Now navigate and select the
black yellow color option.
Next, find and select the yellow,
black option.
Now we will click the merge values
button and rename our newly merged
option to black yellow.
Click done, then save
and we're all done.
In just a few short steps. We
were able to harmonize our color values
to ensure the best user experience
for our customers

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