Facetten nach Kategorie konfigurieren

Der Vorteil

Konfigurieren Sie die Facetten einer Kategorie manuell, um die Bedürfnisse Ihrer Kunden besser zu erfüllen.

  • Priorisieren Sie in Ihrer Schmuckkategorie die „Material“-Facette.
  • Priorisieren Sie in der Kategorie iPhone-Zubehör die Facette „Maße“.
Der Mehrwert

Steuern Sie selbst, welche Facetten Besucher:innen auf Basis der beworbenen Kategorie sehen.

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Video Transcript

Good morning. My name is Sam Lauren. I'm a solution
consultant with Plumage.
And today, I'm here to talk to you about category
of facet rules and specifically how you can
change around the facets and the filters that apply
on the page to the category based
off of the category itself.
This is a native feature included within Bloomer discovery
to navigate to it. Open up the left hand side,
go to search and merchandizing,
just select your category dropdown. And that allows
you to select the fastest option
within here, you're able to again set set
rules for each of the individual categories.
So given the categories such as chair
can open up that category and then the dropdown
list will basically show me all the fastest
that are associated with that given category. It
gives me the ability to control how they appear
natively they appear in the order of
algorithms. So the algorithm is based off of a couple
of different things including the relevance of facet
itself, the popularity of the facet based
off of user behavior as well
as the fastest based off of how often
they appear and chosen how made products have
that facet associated with them.
However, if I want to take manual control of any
given facet, which is color, I can
choose to boost and show it, bury it and
show it, choose where it exists. And that can
also help me arrange it.
I can also add facets that don't
currently exist or inherited on this category
by using this a facet functionality here.
And as ever, I can select this rule to
apply it to just a specific audience or to everybody
that views that category as well as
a time period duration
once created, I have the ability to preview
that facet creation rule and then
save that and apply it to this category.
Thanks for watching.

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