Bewerben Sie Whitelabel- und Markenprodukte

Der Vorteil

Nutzen Sie Soft-Boosts nach Attributen, um Whitelabel- und Markenprodukte auf Kategorieseiten hervorzuheben.

  • Heben Sie bei bestimmten Suchanfragen Whitelabel-Produkte mit höheren Margen hervor.

Der Mehrwert

Conversions und Gewinne mit margenstarken Produkten steigern.

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Video Transcript

I have an objective to
increase our revenue. And
I'm gonna do that within this category
by giving more weighting to our own
products because we make more margin
on those. So I'm gonna go in
and navigate to this category.
So I'm gonna shop all decorum pillows here.
I want to give a boost or
a stronger weighting to our own
brand Pacific style.
I'm gonna come into the attributes, open
up the attribute window,
go into our brand section here
and I can select on Pacific style
and this is where I want to give more emphasis
or weighting in the algorithm to promote
those products because our margin is greater there
so I can slide this up,
wait and see the update here.
I like the way that looks, it features more
of our own products.
It's still rank ordering those by how
they're performing, but just giving more emphasis
to this own our own brand here.
I'm gonna set this to run for
uh the month of June
because that's when we're really promoting our own
brand across the whole site. So I've got that scheduled
to run
and I'm gonna save that
and I've just completed my task for
optimizing margin for our own brand.

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