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Episode 41: Innovation in Payments and Checkout, with Domm Holland, CEO at Fast

The latest guest on ‘The State of Commerce Experience’ is Domm Holland – Chief Executive Officer at Fast, the world's fastest online checkout experience. In this episode, Brian and Domm discuss the importance of frictionless checkout, the convergence of content and commerce, and the ways in which companies can leverage both physical and digital spaces for faster checkout experiences.
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Over 95% of online shoppers abandon their carts before checking out, with one in five people doing so because the checkout process is too long or complicated. But one company is helping global brands tackle that problem head-on.

To learn more about how frictionless checkouts drastically improve conversion rates, host Brian Walker speaks to Domm Holland – Chief Executive Officer at Fast, the world's fastest online checkout experience.

Episode Highlights

  • Together, they discuss where the idea for Fast came from, why the company is deep-rooted in removing complexities, and how you can make your entire customer journey shoppable. They cover a range of topics, including:
  • Removing the complexities of the checkout experience from the shopper
  • The convergence of content and commerce that’s happening around the world, and the connective tissue still missing between the two
  • And the opportunity for businesses to make the entire customer journey shoppable, from physical spaces to digital marketing channels and more.

This episode is full of insights into the challenges that exist in the checkout experience today, and the ways in which frictionless checkout can help companies improve the entire customer shopping journey. You won’t want to miss it.

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“This is a phenomenal experience for consumers as well. Like why make them go through the pain of clicking to go to another experience and another site that’s poorly optimized where they’ve got to click ‘add to cart, view cart, checkout’, enter their email, enter 10, 15 fields before they even get to the point of payment… It's crazy, right? It’s crazy it still works like this. So we’ve eliminated all of that and replaced it with a button.”

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