Discover Customer Preferences With Zero-Party Data Capture on Your Website or App

Bloomreach showing how their product can discover customer preferences with zero-party data capture on a website or app

Opportunity Build an accurate, complete picture of your customers in a privacy-friendly way that benefits customers and your brand. Example Ask questions to better understand your customers’ favorite categories, information format preference (e.g., visual or text), shopper type (e.g., premium or discount-hunter), etc. Use the information you collect, in conjunction with Bloomreach’s in-session predictions, to […]

Limit the Number of Communications Based on Customers’ LTV and Engagement

Bloomreach showing how their product can limit the number of communications based on customers' LTV and engagement

Opportunity Automatically limit communications on your omnichannel campaign (email, SMS, app, or browser) based on customer engagement with Bloomreach’s frequency policy. Example Betsy rarely engages with email, so she will be put in a segment based on frequency policy. This way, you can limit email communications to Betsey in your omnichannel campaigns. Value See better […]

Raisin Achieves 18% Conversion Rate Increase with Bloomreach and Vecton


Raisin is a secure, one-stop savings marketplace. The company helps people control their financial futures by bringing them the best financial products, all in one place. Raisin also empowers banks and other financial institutions to grow by working to create a better connected and more resilient financial industry.    

Life With Bloomreach

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