Make a Statement and Create Experiences So Personalized They Outshine the Competition

Increase revenue by creating digital shopping experiences so personalized, it outshines the competition  

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Connect your shoppers’ online and offline journeys, increase order size, and retain customers for a lifetime. Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?

Whether you’re a legacy jewelry retailer with a classic brick-and-mortar presence, or an online-only D2C brand, the time to cater to your customers’ preferences is now.

How do winning jewelry companies do this? By leveraging their customer and product data to create personalized experiences that meet the customer where they are in their shopping journey.

It doesn't matter where your customer starts their journey - via an Instagram ad click, anonymous website visit, or an in-store consultation - leveraging a platform like Bloomreach Engagement is the key to aggregating all your customer behavior and delivering the 1:1, bespoke shopping experiences your jewelry seekers crave. 

How Bloomreach Empowers Jewelry Brands

Understand your customers — who they are, what they want, and where they’re going in their journey

Empower your marketers and in-person sales team with a single marketing view that enables accurate segmentation and in-store personalized guidance. 

Real-time recommendations that increase average order size

Just like the perfect gemstone, every customer is unique. From novice shoppers seeking THE ring to more regular, avid jewelry buyers, keep your customers coming back for more by serving them relevant, personalized recommendations based on their current and previous browsing behavior.

Increase customer lifetime value with actionable insights

No need to become a data analyst overnight. Bloomreach is prebuilt with advanced customer journey analytics that visualize and quickly target the right segments, so you're never leaving money on the table.

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