Digital is changing the customer relationship

With increasing competition from new digital-native brands, retailers advancing their private brands, and mega retailers, brands are pressed to find new ways to win over every customer.

Thriving consumer brands are leaning into technology to rival retailer experiences, drive engagement, increase sales, and showcase what makes their brand so unique. Never before have their been so many creative ways to guide a customer from like to love to loyal.

Mastering this digital world requires that brands not be held back by monolithic ecommerce platforms that move too slow, work too manually, require too much replatforming effort, and ultimately deliver a site experience that looks just like everyone else’s.

Brands need a solution that makes it easy to stand out. A way to make product launches efficient, distinctive, and impactful. A way to scale best-in-class merchandising, search, marketing and SEO experiences without scaling manual efforts. A way to blend products and content to inspire and connect with every customer.

As the only solution to combine AI search and merchandising with a flexible CMS, all with a best-in-class microservices architecture, Bloomreach Experience (brX) is the solution for brands ready to leverage digital as the powerhouse of brand experience.

The Features Brands Need to Compete

Relevant Results with Semantic Search

Better relevance than the competition with a search engine that understands the meaning of your customer’s search terms, built with over four years of investment and a decade of data collection. With a deep understanding of synonyms, customer intent and your own product data, the self-learning search gets better while you sleep.

Human & Machine Merchandising

Analytics, tools and testing give merchandising teams the insights to make strategic decisions while AI takes care of the grind to scale impact. Manage, test, and measure the impact of merchandising strategies, product launches, and facet control from one central dashboard.

Market-leading, customizable AI

Proven site search and category results show consistent 5-20% increase in revenue. Go head-to-head against retail giants and win with Search and Merchandising algorithms that work out of the box - or customize the algorithms to drive towards unique business goals. Deploy in your current experience and create new API-driven widgets.

Flexible Content Management

Analyst recognized and market leading CMS with a flexible, microservices architecture and intuitive UI. Marketers and developers have the freedom to create differentiated, intelligent and connected content experiences that scale.

Content & Product Personalization

Rich capabilities for 1-to-1 and segment personalization built into your content, search and merchandising experiences. Fuel personalization efforts with any data source.

Scalable SEO & Landing Page Creation

Increase organic search traffic with clear insights for strategic teams and automatic optimization of internal linking. Organic and Marketing landing pages can be curated at scale by AI, while teams always have the power to customize and control.

Research and Insights

2019 Online Personalization in eCommerce

Check out the key findings from the 2019 eCommerce Personalization Report including case studies from Nike, Woodhouse Clothing, GNC and others


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