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Common Brand Challenges

Crafting a Compelling Brand Story is Hard

As a brand, your customers come to you for your story, your quality, your lifestyle. You also want to sell, wherever the customer wants to buy. Increasingly that is directly from you. You rely on loyalty and word of mouth. Unfortunately, you know that it’s a challenge to scale, to build digital expertise and to use technology to tell that compelling story.

What You May Not Realize

Commerce Platforms Are Not The Answer to Great Branded Commerce Experiences

“All-in-one” commerce is not the answer

Replatforming to an “all-in-one” commerce platform will not solve your problems. In fact, it will prevent you from having the flexibility you want to build a differentiated experience. Your site and digital experience will end up looking like everyone else.

Selling directly to the consumer is not challenging

Technology is giving you the chance to have your cake and eat it, too. There are platforms today that give you all the tools of the biggest retailers at a fraction of the cost. Selling directly to the consumer may not be as challenging as you think. 

Exceptional brand experiences at scale

Helping your merchandisers and marketers to scale to all your many domains and international experiences has seemed impossible with a small team, but with content management and multi-site merchandising tools, it can be done with much less manual work. Personalization, once viewed as a luxury, can be done automatically.

Bloomreach for Brand Approach

Build High-converting Landing Pages Faster

  • Launch pages and new products in days rather than weeks. Put together a campaign quickly to drive growth.
  • Create compelling content and seamlessly connect it to your products to improve conversion and spend less on your campaigns.
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Optimize with Less Manual Work

Give merchandisers the workflow they need to present the right product at the right time.  

  • Visual merchandising tools to promote the right products.
  • Manage dozens of properties, sites and experiences with an easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Personalize products to individuals and to all your segments. 
  • Improve discoverability through search and recommendations.
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Tell Your Story Around the World

Bloomreach allows developers to build quickly and marketers to build, deploy and modify pages without writing any code.

  • Edit and preview content without leaving the page.
  • Drag and drop content, components and products onto the page.
  • Preview exactly how the site will look before publishing.
  • Publish updates instantly across every channel.

34% Revenue Lift From All The Merchandising Activities

The numbers speak for themselves: The Annie Selke Companies has already established a strong brand. Now they are concentrating on growing their customer base by creating a frictionless shopping experience from start to finish.

Before Bloomreach, we all did some sort of manual reporting to try to figure out how to merchandise the categories. We have over 400 categories - it was literally impossible to merchandise all of them manually in a timely manner. With the Bloomreach algorithm, it’s done automatically. 

CMO, The Annie Selke Companies
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