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25 November, 2019 - 25 November, 2019

REST Training, 1 day

In this advanced training, developers learn how to build RESTful services in a BloomReach Experience project.

Next to showing content from the CMS for human readers through websites, mobile sites etcetera, BloomReach Experience Manager also exposes content using REST in JSON and XML format. You can also use RESTful services to add, update and delete content in the CMS.

Subjects that will be handled during this training:

  • HST processing pipelines for REST output
  • Resource, Representation and Bean classes used to create REST output
  • Understanding how Hippo uses JAX-RS and JAXB for REST
  • Ways to control Link Rewriting
  • Use Spring Security for a REST channel
  • Update content through REST calls

After this one day of training, you have worked with all the tools and techniques that you need to build your own REST output in any BloomReach Experience Manager project.


The training takes one full day and is hosted on a location in Amsterdam. Free coffee, tea, water, snacks and lunch will be provided.  

Who should attend?

Java developers.


Participants should have completed the BloomReach Experience Developer Fundamentals Training in the last 6 months or have at least 1 year of project experience with BloomReach Experience (fka Hippo CMS).

Detailed Course Outline and Course Conditions

More details can be found on this page.

Download Course Conditions

Combine two trainings

Consider to register also for the Relevance Training that takes place on the two days immediately after this training.

How much does it cost ?

The Hippo Developer REST Training costs € 950 per attendee.