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The only true AI-driven site search for eCommerce that drives conversions

Bloomreach Search and Merchandising utilizes machine learning and AI so that your customers can find exactly what they want, quickly

Top eCommerce companies choose Bloomreach to take their search to the next level

Help them find products fast

Semantic search

icon Truly understand what your customers want and deliver accurate search results instantly

icon Use natural language processing and past visitor behavior to surface the most relevant products

icon Bloomreach Search and Merchandising then leverages AI to continuously improve the accuracy of search results 

One of the key differentiators between Bloomreach and others is the AI - the more listening it does over time, the more it improves.

Louise Ford, Head of Digital Product & Portfolio at Halfords

1:1 Personalization

icon Personalize how you rank products for each unique visitor

icon Use machine learning to understand user preferences on a one-to-one basis

icon Reorder products based on user preference to personalize the experience of every customer

The level of confidence we have that we show our customer the product she is searching for has grown immensely.

Sumaira Khan, eCommerce Program Manager at Torrid

Customizable algorithms

icon Customize the Bloomreach algorithm to align with your business goals

icon Provide additional data, like profit margin, offline sales, and returns data

icon Create an algorithm unique to your site that matches your business strategy

We’re less focused on the day-to-day manual effort and tackling more bigger-picture problems, like how do we drive product discovery and expose users to new categories, new products, new services.

Doug Gribbel, Senior Manager of Global eCommerce Search at Staples

Intuitive merchandising tools

icon Bloomreach's AI-powered technology works in tandem with merchandisers to help them be more data-driven and impactful

icon Get actionable insight into your customer’s buying journey and unique preferences

icon Set up and analyze A/B testing to track products, brands, search queries and more

Bloomreach enables us to connect all the different touchpoints and deliver a seamless customer experience that really delights our customers and turns them into brand ambassadors.

Ramon Bueno, Head of Enterprise Architecture at Desigual

Truly enterprise-ready

Bloomreach handles the most queries-per-second (QPS) of any vendor in the market and powers some of the largest eCommerce sites in the world. 

The technology’s record for uptime, especially during the holiday, is unrivaled. Bloomreach has the highest standards for data and feed processing, scalability and security. 

Bloomreach has proven capability to handle large and complex catalogs and has a robust infrastructure unmatched by competitors.

In the first 6 months of implementing Bloomreach, we saw a 40% increase in revenue from search.


  Monica Cleveland, CMO, The Annie Selke Companies

Our Add to Cart rate from list and product detail pages increased by 4%. That’s huge because it’s a big indication that people are successfully finding the products they want to purchase.

  Brooke Logan, Senior Product Manager, HD Supply


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