As a leader in natural cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements, Weleda has a multinational presence in 50 countries and on 5 continents.


Weleda was looking to relaunch its entire web presence – from a static catalog-style website to an engaging multi-channel digital environment that delivered regionalized, targeted and personalized content to customers around the world. It was essential that eCommerce integration was seamless, both for regions that had never had it before and for those that were to migrate from older systems.



The company chose Hippo to implement a digital experience solution that allows for multi-channel content re-use, targeting, and personalization, supporting global and regionalized deployments and integrating seamlessly with their chosen eCommerce system (Konakart). The platform allows local websites to have a regionalized 'look and feel' while the brand, tone, messaging remain under global control.

  • 50+ countries receiving regionalized content
  • Fully responsive multi-channel digital presence
  • Personalization of content for all customers across 5 continents