Customer case


Veikkaus Oy is the Finnish national betting agency. Veikkaus is managed by the Finnish Ministry of Education who distribute the money earned by Veikkaus to various organizations.

Hippo had the APIs we were looking for, somebody to help us, and it was open source so it was easy to integrate and tweak the way we wanted to.

Janne Vuorenmaa, Head of Development of Digital Sales, Veikkaus


Veikkaus was searching for a DX provider to support their new online gaming platform, which would require an extremely agile operating model, capable of releasing new functionality multiple times a day.



After evaluating more than 30 providers, it became clear that only Hippo could deliver the agility that Veikkaus needed to carry out their commitment to continuous data-driven optimization. The platform sees over 500 deploys per month, serving 1 million unique gamers each week a seamless, omni-channel experience across web and apps.