Customer case


Univé is one of the biggest insurance companies in the Netherlands. It’s a not-for-profit cooperative, which means that their customers are also their members, and thus their first priority. If the cooperation is doing well, the members are receiving the benefits in form of distribution of profits, lower insurance fees or improved products and services.


Until recently, Univé was using Sharepoint. This solution however no longer met the demands of the company as it didn’t offer the possibility to optimize and personalize the customer journey. Therefore, Univé chose to migrate to another content management system. But the backend of the system wasn't the only thing that needed an overhaul. The frontend didn’t provide the fresh appearance and ease of use that Univé was aiming for. For this reason, the migration to the new system was combined with a website redesign. As the majority of their visitors come through mobile devices, they chose a mobile-first approach. With the migration of the Univé website to BloomReach Experience, both the private customer, as the business environment had to be renewed, along with the My Univé environment and the customer service. The final result was user-friendly, relevant website with beautiful UI, future-proofed for years to come. 


To improve the development process, along with the implementation of BloomReach Experience, the whole Univé infrastructure was transformed. The website itself was migrated from Sharepoint to BloomReach Experience step by step with regular releases of new pages and functionalities. As pages in BloomReach Experience are built using components, content and presentation are decoupled. This enabled Univé to repurpose content and to start targeting visitors based on personas, giving them the right form of interaction at all times. Because the most common components were built first, many pages were created within a short period of time. BloomReach Experience has become the standard within Univé and the first successful tests using BloomReach's relevance module have been conducted.