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Steinhoff is a global retailer with more than 40 local brands in over 30 countries. It owns brands such as Bensons for Beds, Harveys, and Concorde Logistics.


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Steinhoff UK has a vision: to create an exciting, easy, multi-touchpoint journey for their customers. But creating this experience is, of course, easier said than done. As you’d imagine, the customer journey is complicated and “our customer could start shopping in any channel and finish in any channel - with lots of touchpoints in between,” shares Jamie.

Jamie Danby is Head of Business Transformation at Steinhoff UK and responsible for seeing this challenge through. By comparing where Steinhoff is today to where the company wants to be in the future, he surfaced certain requirements that would make a seamless omnichannel journey possible:

  • A customized product experience
  • An empowered team who can complete tasks independently
  • The ability to drive conversion rate fast
  • Rapid and agile deployment

Steinhoff UK were using Magento commerce platform with a long development list and not enough time or resources to work through it. Realizing that this platform doesn’t have the agility to power a great experience they instead opted for a next-generation, headless solution.

We aren’t giving our customers a fantastic experience. We want our customers to have the best possible experience.


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There is a huge opportunity to drive major growth through an omnichannel change program underpinned by Bloomreach and BigCommerce.

Jamie Danby, Head of Business Transformation, Steinhoff UK


As for the sort of agency and technology vendor, it was the relationship and partnership that sold it for Jamie: “When we met with both Bloomreach and BigCommerce, we knew we could deliver this and deliver it as a partnership,” adding, “this project is going to set the foundation for us for years to come.” Steinhoff selected the headless commerce platform BigCommerce combined with Bloomreach Experience which powers a next-generation front end experience.

Jamie has big plans for how Steinhoff will benefit from this new headless solution. He highlighted two use cases in particular:

A Personalized Experience: Quick vs Considered Buying

For different products, a customer looks for a different shopping experience. Jamie makes the distinction most between a low and high price range.

“For occasionally used and less technical products,” he explains, “it just needs to be simple. Customers just want to be able to make a decision and move forward. But for furniture used-daily expensive products, say a bed for the master bedroom or a sofa in the living room, people are not going to buy without having a look and feel of it. And that probably means going into store. We need to tell the story online to make sure this happens.

“For some items, people might make a decision based on an integrated video, or being able to upload a picture of the bedroom and see how the product looks in context.”

The product defines how the customer will shop and the digital experience should support that. With Steinhoff’s current technology, customizing the digital experience per product is timely and expensive. But with Bloomreach Experience, the headless experience cloud, that’s all set to change.

Augmented Reality

The second initiative Jamie wants to kick off is to help the customers customize their purchase online and then visualize it.

That includes site visitors having the option to view how a product would look in a certain room in their house, or whether it would go with existing furniture. Bensons and Harveys already have this function on their customer mobile apps but it’s not yet integrated with the websites.

When Jamie launches the new website, this feature is high on the list.

Next Steps

These two cases for headless architecture are just the beginning for Steinhoff. Overall, headless enables faster deployment, agility and an empowered team thanks to the flexibility, independence and integration options it offers.

And with these capabilities it’s possible to shape technology around the customer’s needs, rather than let technology dictate how the customer journey will look.

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