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Staples is a global retailer and a leading provider of business solutions with its digital operation ranking No. 5 in the Internet Retailer 500. Staples boasts multiple websites across North America, including the consumer- and SMB-facing and its business-to-business property

"With BloomReach, we definitely get the sense that we are tackling more bigger picture problems"

Doug Gribbel, Senior Manager, Global eCommerce at Staples

Staples isn’t the sort of retailer to sit still while the industry around it shifts wildly. So, three years ago, with Amazon growing and other retailers threatening its industry dominance, Staples decided to act fast and forcefully. The company increased the number of stock-keeping units (SKUs) on its websites to 2 million — a 10-fold increase — and charted a course to become a business-to-business, one-stop shop for small, mid-sized and large-scale enterprises, including commercial and government.

Learn in the Staples case study how the retailer used Bloomreach Search and Merchandising (brSM) to:

  • Boost RPV on its B2B site by 3.5%

  • Lift RPV by 4.4% on

  • Increase average time on site by 47%



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