Customer case


The Provinzial NordWest insurance group is part of the The German Savings Banks Finance Group (Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe) and is the second largest public insurance company in Germany. Provinzial NordWest is a holding company whose subsidiaries include numerous legally independent regional damage and accident insurers.


In the context of their digital transformation, Provinzial wanted to improve the efficiency of their information flow - not only in the editorial creation of files but also in organizing them. Because of the company structure, which includes multiple insurance companies in various locations, a lot of documents were redundantly stored in different databases throughout the organization. Provinzial wanted to aggregate all existing editorial content and documents within the organisation into a single intranet environment. Because of the wide variety of user groups that have access to the same system, the authorization structure was a very important issue in this project.



Because of the flexibility and interoperability - among other things - Provinzial chose BloomReach Experience for their content solution provider. After only ten weeks of implementation time, the migration of content to the new intranet could start. In the meantime, the development of the system continued in parallel. Users of the new intranet have said that finding information in the new system is far easier than in the previous system and that they love the new, clear and modern design. They also appreciate the ability to give feedback on documents - a ‘Social Enterprise’ feature that could easily be implemented with BloomReach Experience. Provinzial expects a significant boost in efficiency and increased usability thanks to the new CMS.