The Dutch National Police Force consists of over 50,000 people, committed to serving their local communities with the motto "Openness, Transparency and Citizen Involvement".


In 2012, a political decision merged the 26 local police corps into one central, national police force. The Dutch Police force were facing a perception problem: they were seen as distant and disconnected from the citizens and their local neighborhoods. Their fragmented online presence was preventing them from communicating effectively with citizens, with over 400 websites and 10 different CMS solutions.



The Police adopted a citizen-first strategy that prioritized fast, accurate and transparent communication with citizens at the right time and place. They chose Hippo to help them create an omnichannel digital experience platform to support the public communication effort across web, mobile and social efficiently and effectively. Locally relevant and time-sensitive content is delivered to people in their neighbourhoods as they require it, including help finding the nearest police station, local alerts and tips, and requests for information or eyewitness reports. Police officers can create news items directly from the streets and publish them across channels which are automatically disseminated as press releases. More importantly, citizens can access their local neighbourhood officers through the same channels. These efforts have turned around the citizens’ perception of their police force, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization, citizen involvement, and ultimately public safety.

  • Consolidation of 400 different websites into one digital experience
  • Consolidated 10 CMS solutions into just one: Hippo
  • Website of the Year 2015