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Halfords is the UK’s leading retailer of motoring and cycling products, and a leading independent operator in garage servicing and auto repair. The Halfords Retail division owns over 460 stores and a total of circa 165,000 product lines available online.

“One of the key differentiators between BloomReach and others is the AI - the more listening it does over time, the more it improves.”

Louise Ford, Head of Digital Product & Portfolio at Halfords

Halfords, already the UK’s no.1 choice for many product categories, is an ambitious company striving to serve its customers even better. Halfords’ goal is to become not only the leading retailer, but also the leading specialist in biking and motoring.

Halfords partnered with BloomReach to optimise its site search, merchandising and customer insights. With this combination, Halfords aimed to transform into a digitally-led business, which would improve both business success and encourage an effective data-driven company culture.

Check out the case study to see how Halfords used BloomReach Search and Merchandising (brSM) to: 

  • Increase RPV by 5% across all devices

  • Make 100 informed business decisions a week with BloomReach data

  • Maximize search opportunity with AI-driven tools



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