Customer case


GULP Information Services is the primary resource for the employment of external specialists for IT and Engineering projects in the DACH region. Using a marketplace platform model, GULP serves more than 3,500 employers and 90,000 registered IT professionals, connecting them on a per project basis. In addition to the services of a modern recruitment agency, GULP offers a comprehensive online portal with information and services for participants in the market.

"Content is key to our success, and that’s why BloomReach Experience is so important to our strategy. BloomReach Experience enables us to remain competitive in SEO rankings at that crucial step in the customer journey.”

Steff Szymanek, Marketing Manager at GULP


In the highly competitive field of IT and Engineering recruitment, user experience is paramount for both employers and job seekers when choosing a platform to find talent or projects. GULP was looking for a digital experience platform that would help them to make their user experience more intuitive, engaging and personalized for their visitors.  



GULP implemented BloomReach Experience, creating a brand new digital environment that allows them to easily deliver targeted content to employers and employees. The platform integrates with all of GULP's existing systems and allows for constant optimization of the company's digital environment.