Greetz is the leading provider of personalized cards and presents in the Benelux. 


The company chose BloomReach Experience to support their drive for agile innovation: rolling out new releases quickly, to continuously refine the personalization and ordering process. The development team favoured a headless system that would give them total control over layout and presentation, but did not want to risk creating a silo between the development and business and marketing teams, preventing a coherent customer experience.



Greetz chose Hippo CMS because it provides the best of both worlds: The development freedom of a headless CMS with the business agility of a marketing solution. Using Hippo, Greetz can roll out an optimized experience every two weeks; they can also control who is responsible for overseeing various steps in the customer journey, across all channels. With full eCommerce and PIM interoperability, Greetz creates a fully optimized, personalized, agile digital commerce experience.

  • Optimized experience every two weeks
  • eCommerce & PIM interoperability
  • AngularJS app consuming content