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The Power Tools Division of the Bosch Group is the world market leader for power tools and power tool accessories. Each year, Bosch launches more than 100 new power tools into the global market.


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As Amazon drives industry trends, it’s essential that B2B brands like Bosch don’t fall behind. With Bosch Power Tools operating multiple global sites, the organization understood that its customers inherently expect the same tailored digital experience. This was the business unit’s main challenge - creating multiple unique experiences at the country level, while promoting and aligning holistic experiences globally.

We need a solution that builds an engaging brand website for millions of users... personalized by country, language and brand. At the same time, we need it for one-off applications, for B2B and across the organization.

Another challenge which became extremely difficult was scaling and managing features and updates with multiple CMS platforms and infrastructures at a regional level. In the past, Bosch generally approached technology from a local level to meet the differing needs of users and customers. Its approach was to grab another CMS and stand up the system. “However, in the end, this doesn’t scale - plus it’s inefficient to manage and it’s costly. It barely benefits the region, and the effort and time does not benefit Bosch Power Tools globally,” said Sunny, Digital Transformation Manager at Bosch Power Tools,

But the pressure to scale the business prompted the need to find an alternative solution. “We had to work together globally,” Sunny explains, “It was the only way we’d be able to scale as taking the regional approach was no longer beneficial.”


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Through headless, we found a way to move forward quickly, while we change out the backend, without having to wait.

Sunny Mallavarapu, Digital Transformation Manager at Bosch Power Tools

To alleviate the disconnect between experiences and to create efficiencies within the business, Bosch Power Tools leveraged an entirely new approach that would transform the organization as a whole.


Sunny sought to create an infrastructure and baseline of technology systems and processes for the world to follow. He says that it wasn’t about taking control - it was actually about helping to accelerate the organization regardless of the country or region.

Building this infrastructure and baseline came with its challenges. “You can’t harmonize the backend in a company the size of Bosch,” said Sunny. “What you can do is focus on the frontend and the user experience. From a service discussion, it’s irrelevant which system is on the backend.” This came from Sunny’s realization that you can take a brand and talk to every country and region, and the brand manager there will tell you the hundred things they want - with 90% actually being the same. It’s almost completely irrelevant which system it comes from. Around the world, we all generally want the same features.

This perspective led Sunny to headless commerce. Headless commerce differentiates from traditional commerce and CMS systems by untethering the backend and frontend from each other.

“With headless, Bosch no longer needs to build 400 individual blogs. Instead, we can build a blog feature and functionality, and customize the style to the region and brand. For iterations, Bosch can enhance the blog feature globally, while each market can make small alterations to their blogs independently. In other words, the frontend can be customizable all around the world, while the backend remains the same,” said Sunny.

This new approach to technology impacts the whole company. “It was clear to see how headless brings value from a development, cost and scale perspective,” Sunny adds, “and the most important part is the pure speed. Changing out backend systems will take years and by the time you do it, you have to do it again. Through headless, we found a way to move forward quickly, while we change out the backend, without having to wait.”

Using a headless approach, leveraging Bloomreach’s flexible Experience Manager, enables Bosch Power Tools to replace its frontend system without bringing operations to a halt, thereby maximizing efficiencies. Now, Bosch is able to build features on a global scale to accelerate the organization’s initiatives while delivering a highly personalised experience country to country.

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