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Boden is a British clothing retailer selling primarily online and by mail order and catalogue in several countries, with websites for the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, and Australia. 


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Boden realised that personalising the customer journey was the key to their future success. However, they were being constrained by legacy tools and so set about on a multi-year transformation project to upgrade their platforms.

Site merchandising challenges

Site merchandising is crucial to providing a strong digital customer experience. However, the team was working with tools that required a lot of manual work and were therefore time consuming and slow to market for trading changes. As part of the digital transformation project, they looked for a solution that would allow them to use their time more wisely and strategically. In particular, they wanted a solution that would:

  • Provide a personalised experience for their customers
  • Reduce the amount of manual rule-writing
  • Give the team more agility and flexibility to react to customer needs

These wishes led Boden to check out Bloomreach’s Search and Merchandising (brSM) product to understand how it could help to boost Boden’s success.


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Bloomreach is the perfect blend of art and commerce. It enables us to set rules to influence machine learning to drive key trends and metrics like margin, Average Order Value, and conversion rate.

Harriet Dowell, eCommerce Trading Manager at Boden


With Bloomreach, Boden team is now able to build a personalised experience for each of their visitors. The solution is powered by AI which eliminates the time consuming manual work and offers capabilities in A/B testing, slot based merchandising, 1:1 personalisation, segmentation, analytics and more.

Increasing Conversions with A/B Testing and Slot Based Merchandising

Boden team is making use of Bloomreach’s natively built-in A/B testing to help make strategic decisions and drive site conversions.

One way in which they use this is for ‘outfitting’, which is the process of offering customers a collection of clothes that go together, rather than just individual products. They have run a series of A/B tests to identify which collections resonate with customers and have seen a significant increase in conversion and revenue per visit.

As we had hoped, the customer responded much better to suggested outfitting. This went on to inform our strategies around inspirational edits.


Using targeting to increase customer engagement

Boden have also been using the personalisation and targeting features of Bloomreach to drive customer engagement and boost sales in their different locations.

Wanting to show the most relevant products to their global customer base, Boden identified 14 warm weather states in the US.

They are now able to serve climate appropriate products to shoppers by creating location-based audiences and targeting relevant products to them. For example, shoppers in Florida are shown much lighter-weight clothes than those in chilly Boston! This has made Boden more relevant to their audiences and has driven commercial performance in the target states.

Using AI to personalise the experience

Prior to Bloomreach Search and Merchandising, a common challenge was the manual creation of a ‘global sort order’: deciding how best to arrange products on site across different markets and categories.

They used to be restricted to updating the sort order only 2-3 times a week but can now update it every 15 minutes! Instead of the updates being largely based on intuition, they are now based on customer driven performance data as well as their top business priorities.

This has had a significant impact to their revenue, especially during sale periods as they can respond quickly to changing stock and customer behaviour. This has also enabled Harriet and Lee to provide a unique experience to different markets easily, as the machine learning capabilities of Bloomreach suggest the best product sequence for specific regions!

As a result of this, our day to day revolves much more around exploring our customer behaviour and how we can tailor to our customer needs.


Boden's Favourite Features


AI powered search

Bloomreach Search is the industry-leading, AI-powered site search to drive revenue. Exceptional search, browse & product discovery, where every search query is optimized for revenue and AI/ML-automated personalization is applied to reduce costs and workload.


Personalization and targeting

Personalize how you rank products for each visitor. Bloomreach can understand user preferences on a one-to-one basis and reorders products based on user preferences.


A/B testing

Understand how your customers behave with insights into their journeys and unique preferences. Translate that directly into action to improve your search and browse behavior. Set up and analyze A/B testing to track products, brands, search queries and more.