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Coronavirus: The Implications on eCommerce

Metrics - Insights - Analysis

To navigate these challenges together and give you and your business a perspective, we’ve created this content hub which will be frequently updated with trends in eCommerce.


Bloomreach powers over 20% of US & UK eCommerce search and commerce experiences across the 300+ global enterprise businesses - many of whom have multiple brands and eCommerce sites. 

We’ve been continuously analyzing digital behavior across key industries to understand in real-time the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on global eCommerce activity.

We believe it is important to process and share insights from our data to help businesses make adjustments where necessary. 

Traffic, Sales and Search Trends by Vertical

June 2020


Grocery as a segment had a very strong month YoY at +79.42, but declined slightly at -3.05% from May 2020. We do see a significant drop in traffic MoM at -17.74%, but those ordering spent more than the month previous and are converting at a very much higher rate than in May. We again saw essentials and staples as key drivers in this segment in June (for some, that includes ice-cream bars).

The demand for online shopping is huge, tremendous, and we are doing the best that we can to fill what we can.

David McInerney, CEO, FreshDirect


Apparel had strong MoM performance with sales +14.17% compared to May 2020 after struggling as a segment earlier in the pandemic, even as traffic dropped from May levels. Very strong jumps in AOS and conversion rates from a year ago in addition to traffic being +33.55% YoY. However, It is clear that people are buying lower cost products versus a year ago as they are in the mood for comfort and staying cool indoors as they purchase products like ‘shorts’, ‘masks’, ‘flip-flops’, and ‘sports-bras’. Swimsuits had a big jump from May, perhaps reflecting the hope that beaches and pools will be open.

Home Improvement

Home-Improvement/DIY weakened slightly in June but remained very strong YoY at +64.17%. Here you can see the impact of curbside-pick-up with a Steep drop in AOS and dramatic increase in online conversion - which was up a staggering +154.23% YoY. Again we saw garden-related search terms rank very high in this segment.

  • See how Hobbycraft saw a huge increase in new customers during lockdown.
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In B2B a strong early June could not be maintained leading to a relatively weak overall performance for the month at only +13.33% YoY. High traffic at +41.98% YoY, paired with a lower conversion rate at -30.15% YoY indicates the impact of out-of-stocks and challenging unclear business conditions related to ‘re-opening’ and then not. Essential safety and health products continue to dominate search terms. 

Some B2B’s are poised to adapt and take advantage of investments they have made in eCommerce and digital marketing. However, many B2Bs are going to be caught flat footed, having delayed investments in the past or shying away from eCommerce due to internal channel conflict. It is time to act now.

Brian Walker, CSO, Bloomreach

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