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How OluKai Delivered “Aloha” in a Crisis With Bloomreach Engagement

Founded in 2005, OluKai is well known for its quality products and its ethical approach to business. It has been using Bloomreach Engagement since 2019 to launch innovative marketing campaigns that share its values with customers. 

increase in email open rate
increase in average order value

The Challenge

When it became apparent that the global pandemic was going to keep its customers stuck at home in March 2020, OluKai wanted to launch a campaign that was in line with its brand values to serve its customers. 

People across the world were receiving email marketing communications related to COVID-19 from seemingly every company they had given their email address to. Most of these emails were going unread and added zero value to the people who were receiving them. 

OluKai needed to take a different approach to let its customers know it wasn’t going to let a global pandemic change the way it did business.

The Solution

OluKai’s solution was perfectly on brand — the “Anywhere Aloha” campaign. 

The company doubled down on the new reality of working from home and inspired some laughter and light heartedness in what was an uncomfortable situation for many. It then encouraged customers to participate by asking them to create user-generated content with the hashtag #AnywhereAloha. 

Rather than a somber email, OluKai spread “aloha” to its loyal customers. 

OluKai also did this in record time. While the company generally plans campaigns months in advance, a rapidly changing situation called for a different approach. 

The OluKai team had its brainstorming session for this campaign on March 12 and launched the campaign just one day later on March 13. An incredibly impressive turnaround.

The Results

Despite the rush, the campaign performed well above the company’s average performance for campaigns as the #AnywhereAloha campaign saw a 19% increase in email open rate and a 10% increase in average order value. The increase in email metrics proved that OluKai's customers appreciated the creativity during a trying time. 

Most importantly for OluKai, the campaign allowed for the spread of positivity and humor in the face of an ongoing crisis.

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