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      How Goodman Manufacturing Heats up Customer Experiences with Headless Commerce

      By Carl Bleich

      Apr 23, 2021

      7 min read

      Customer Success Stories

      How Goodman Manufacturing Heats up Customer Experiences with Headless Commerce

      Leading B2B companies across the world are embracing headless commerce, an e-commerce solution where the frontend presentation (head) has been decoupled from the backend commerce functionality. A headless commerce platform enables businesses to put powerful experience tools as the “head” and drive real growth at a fraction of the cost. 

      Goodman Manufacturing, a subsidiary of Daikin Group, and the world’s largest B2B manufacturer of heating, ventilation, and cooling products and systems in Texas, has embraced headless and is reaping the benefits. 

      With COVID-19 accelerating the need to develop a digital presence, Goodman wanted to outstrip its competitors and embark on a digital transformation journey. It desired a solution that would underpin the digital experience of all three brands -- Goodman Dealers, Daikin, and Amana -- while allowing its unique brand to shine. 

      The leading manufacturer went live with the Bloomreach Experience Platform (brX) in 2020 and has found the headless digital experience platform to be the perfect solution to meet its needs ever since. Along with the help of Elastic Path as its headless commerce platform, Goodman is using the full capabilities of brX to power its commerce experience. 

      Increasing Digital Market Share with an Experience-First Commerce Strategy 

      With the market rapidly changing, Goodman knew it needed to create a digital channel for its customers to do business in a different way. 

      “As we looked at the state of the industry and practices and buying preferences, we saw that we were behind when it came to a digital purchasing B2B experience,” said Laurence Scharff, Director of E-commerce for Goodman.

      The brX search and merchandising modules in particular have made a huge impact on Goodman’s discovery experience. Bloomreach’s search module has allowed Goodman to deliver accurate search results designed to improve conversion. Through the use of natural language processing, advanced attribute extraction, and past visitor behavior, the most relevant products are shown to visitors thanks to artificial intelligence. 

      Goodman has used Bloomreach’s AI-powered technology to quickly learn which products are performing best and personalize how products are displayed by segment. 

      “Customization and personalization is something that is an opportunity for us,” Scharff said.  “That is one of the beauties of headless. We’ve got multiple brands...Instead of having three different solutions for major branding, we are able to use the same technology. 

      “That personalization and the data that comes from e-commerce is what is going to be the game changer for us.”

      The New B2B Buyer

      One of the things that led Goodman to Bloomreach and Elastic Path is the changing B2B marketplace. Millennial and Gen Z employees are rapidly entering the workforce and are bringing with them different preferences for making purchases necessary for business. 

      According to Gartner, 73% of 20 to 35-year-olds are involved in product or service purchase decision making at their companies. Additionally, 33% identify themselves as the sole decision maker in their respective departments. 

      Younger employees are far less likely to be content with phone calls to sales representatives or filling out tedious order forms. According to Gartner’s 2018 B2B Buying Survey, almost half of millennials prefer not to interact with a salesperson during the purchase process and are over twice as likely as baby boomers to be skeptical of someone assisting them with a sale. 

      Given this context, it’s no surprise that Goodman turned to brX. With the full suite of tools offered by brX, the leading American manufacturer of heating and cooling products is building a new generation of customers.  

       “When we looked at the 85 million millennials out there, and how they are going to buy their heating and cooling systems, we thought that the process was going to be very different from the extremely traditional two-step process,” Scharff said. 

      Investing in headless commerce has allowed Goodman to make data-driven decisions that will set the company up in the best way for the future. 

      “We’ve learned what the customer is actually doing,” Scharff said. “The analytics and the data that we are getting from our e-commerce platform have opened our eyes to a lot of things.”

      The freedom and flexibility of a headless architecture allows for near limitless opportunities. It enables your business to decouple the customer-facing frontend that powers your e-commerce experience from the commerce functions and business logic that powers your business on the backend. 

      This empowers your company to deliver customer experiences to any screen or customer experience platform it desires to. If headless is the solution your company has been looking for, take the next steps to learn more.

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      Carl Bleich

      Head of Content at Bloomreach

      Carl works with Bloomreach professionals to produce valuable, customer-centric content. A trusted expert with over 15 years of experience, Carl loves exploring unique ways to turn problems into solutions within digital commerce.

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