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      Content Management System (CMS)

      Meet Content Search from Bloomreach

      By Niklas Winkels

      Sep 01, 2020

      8 min read

      Content Management System (CMS)

      Meet Content Search from Bloomreach

      In the age of big online marketplaces, online businesses need to offer more than a nice set of products to attract and convert visitors.

      They need to build a relationship with their customers by telling a story and offering valuable content in a seamless customer journey. Building a meaningful customer experience is important for all retailers, brands, distributors and manufacturers, whether they are selling directly to consumers or to other enterprises.

      The true differentiation for tomorrow's eCommerce is when you marry the best of both of these worlds - content and commerce - and personalize them both for each consumer in the moment.

      An important part of the content and commerce experience is the ability to serve content at the right time. Search becomes crucial in helping users discover and rapidly find relevant content.

      To be able to deliver an exceptional content and commerce experience, product and content search must be unified to create a seamless experience and prevent shoppers from getting lost to competition along the way. In addition, product and content search must be tailored to the industry / vertical, persona, and use case / application of the individual to be truly effective. And lastly, merchandisers and site optimizers can't scale to tens of thousands of products and millions of queries. AI needs to help scale. Content search results must be optimized based on user behavior.

      Many Bloomreach customers are eagerly waiting to apply the smarts of our industry-leading product search to content. A better search experience, better ranking and an integrated content and commerce experience are just some of the reasons.

      The wait is over. We've released the brand-new Bloomreach Content Search! ūüéČ

      Content Search

      Bloomreach is happy to announce the newest addition to its product family - Content Search.

      Content Search helps companies deliver an exceptional content and commerce experience. Online content is rapidly expanding and search is crucial to help discover relevant content. More and more businesses are transacting online and content is needed to attract, educate and convert users. With the increase in online content creation, search becomes crucial in helping users discover and rapidly find relevant content.

      Content Search can help with user loyalty and increase user engagement on a site. Helping visitors find content they are looking for in a matter of seconds enables companies to retain user loyalty and engagement on their site and lowers the possibility of bounces. Content serves as a function of education for visitors and engaging with content provides a way to explore and learn; increasing the chance of traffic retention.

      There is a lack of intelligence with many existing content search solutions today. Most existing content search solutions utilize only basic text matching. Bloomreach has the capability to apply intelligence behind the ranking, via user behavior data leveraging the Bloomreach Pixel. This gives additional value to companies that are looking for an Intelligent Content Search.

      Feature Overview

      Easily power your content discovery experience with Bloomreach Content Search. The product includes the following features:

      • Near real-time API-based feed ingestion - Content Search runs on a near real-time API-based feed ingestion service and can easily send delta feeds in the form of a PATCH API. This feature makes a large portion of the integration developer-friendly.
      • Ranking powered by user behavior data via the Bloomreach pixel - The ranking algorithm provides results that are ranked based on user engagement data such as content clicks. These are learned via the pixels and the signal is used in conjunction with our text relevance algorithms to provide accurately ranked search results.
      • PDF/docs search - Bloomreach provides the capability to index and search through PDFs and other doc types (.doc, .xls, .ppt, etc…). Many B2B customers (especially within manufacturing) tend to have lots of PDF/docs collateral in the form of spec sheets or manuals for users. Enabling these content types gives customers a higher probability to surface them to users who are searching for them.
      • Understands catalogs - Content Search by Bloomreach can also understand content catalogs. Data from content feeds form catalogs for specific types of content, such as recipes, blogs, articles or videos. These catalogs are used as the inputs into the Bloomreach Content Search index.
      • Relevance by Segment - Bloomreach offers the ability to rank results based on segment data to serve different experiences to different segments of users. This helps with better user experience and higher engagement, especially for customers who need to create a different ranking experience for different segments.
      • Content Suggestions - In conjunction with product suggestions, Bloomreach is offering a new Content Autosuggest capability (v2 Autosuggest API), which recognizes product and content catalogs to serve up text and other attribute suggestions (i.e. category or item) to help guide users in their search journey. This additional capability gives content even better visibility for search users who interact with the lookahead within the search bar.
      • Support in 33 languages, including the newly added support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean - Bloomreach currently supports 33 languages ‚Äč‚Äčfor Product Search and has extended the same language support to Content Search.

      To summarize, Content Search is a major feature that brings together the AI ‚Äč‚Äčcapabilities of Bloomreach Search with the content creation capabilities of Bloomreach Content . It nicely complements the Bloomreach Relevance Module in giving Bloomreach Content customers a way to personalize site content and improve the content discovery experience.

      Content Search can be purchased as an add-on for both Bloomreach Search and Content. Ready to give it a try? Reach out to your dedicated Account Manager or request a demo of Bloomreach Content Search today.

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      Niklas Winkels

      Product Marketing Manager at Bloomreach

      Niklas is a Product Marketing Manager and Developer Relations Expert with a background in Demand Generation.

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