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David Hurwitz

Dec 13, 2018

Welcome to The Experience Era

First came the Experience Economy, and it was engaging.

Then came the Software Era, which was and is all consuming.

About that first, Joe Pine and James Gilmore coined the term Experience Economyway back in 1998.

Their seminal Harvard Business Review article explained that merely delivering services in the Service Economy was no longer enough. Nope, the battle for business success had evolved to delivering experiences.

Skip ahead to 2011 when Marc Andreessen famously said in the Wall Street Journal that Software Is Eating the World, thereby declaring the onset of the Software Era.

Don’t Look Bow but It’ll Be 2019 in a Few Minutes

The Software Era is now eating the Experience Economy, thereby creating the Experience Era. There’s an equation for this.

Experience Economy + Software Era = Experience Era

The Experience Era: It’s now. It’s tomorrow. It’s our present and it’s our future.

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Experience Is The Thing

Experience the trip, experience the stay, experience the park, experience the experience.

Experience the shopping, experience the dining, experience the show, experience it all.

Let me disclose that we Bloomreachers have a particular reason to be excited about living and working in the Experience Era.

It’s because we get to benefit from brX, the digital experience platform built for speed: speed to go-live, speed to morph and speed to results.

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But mostly we’re excited because brXperience is emblematic of epochal changes taking place in the economy RIGHT NOW.

The Experience Economy is an economy that’s being eaten by software, software like brX. So, that’s pretty cool when you think about it.

This confluence of AI-powered, microservices-based digital-experience software, epochal economic changes, plus career and brand building opportunity couldn’t be more important.

Thus, it’s vital that we understand the bigger picture. If nothing else, understanding it helps make clear why brX can power any brand to become the best brand in any industry.

Why? Because companies today are operating in the Experience Era, the brX era.

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