Niels Koekoek

Dec 22, 2017

BloomReach sees 8% increase in holiday shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Data clearly shows continuing trend towards mobile commerce

Consumers in North America this year again raised the bar in holiday shopping during Black Friday and Cyber Monday as BloomReach saw an increase of 8% from 2016 in their customers’ holiday site traffic. Considering that approximately 20% of all North American ecommerce transactions are powered by BloomReach’s search and personalisation tools, the data collected by the company provides valuable insight into the overall American holiday shopping behaviour and trends.

The overall holiday traffic increase of 8% includes both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  In addition, consumers shifted their searching and buying behavior earlier this year as Black Friday visits and revenue increased more significantly than Cyber Monday.

After shoppers found their way to websites, they used site search more often to find what they were looking for: site search traffic increased 24% from last year on Black Friday and 19% on Cyber Monday. Holiday shoppers also bought more products using site search as site search revenue increased 10% from last year on Black Friday and 6% on Cyber Monday.

BloomReach’s data also shows the continuing trend towards mobile shopping: holiday shoppers used their mobile devices more frequently to find what they were looking for with mobile search increasing 33% from last year on Black Friday and 32% on Cyber Monday. Mobile search revenue increased 32% on Black Friday and 18% on Cyber Monday.

While holiday traffic increased 8%, the revenue generated increased by a massive 76% from  2016 (units converted to USD). The revenue increase was most pronounced with merchants who have both online and brick-and-mortar stores, indicating that consumers are truly engaging in a multi-channel holiday buying experience.

The maximum traffic increase was seen in the "Home" vertical, while "Clothing" showed the maximum revenue increase.

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