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We believe in the truth — always. We will not make decisions emotionally. We’ll make them in a data-driven way. We value opinions, but really value facts. We want to hear all news­ — good AND bad. If we’re doing well, we’ll celebrate the truth. If we’re not, the truth will improve us. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of Kool-Aid, but we won’t confuse it with the truth. We will transparently share how the company is doing. We will be honest about the way we conduct business, treat our co-workers, our customers and our investors.


We are all owners in this company — and we will behave like we are. We will spend like it’s our own money. We will sell like its our most important account. We will build software like we are building our own house. Every task that we commit to take on, we will deliver on. We will hold ourselves accountable for the results of our actions. We will build value for the long term. We will treat our co-workers as co-owners,according them the full respect of a long-term relationship. We work hard, sometimes working nights and weekends, and we expect everyone else to as well. We know that inaction is a decision in and of itself. As owners, it’s always our problem – so we choose to act.


Ours is a shared journey — among the founders, our investors, our team, and our customers. Every major decision that we make- we will honor the investment that all of our stakeholders have and continue to make in it. We are privileged to captain the ship, and will do so with the humility that comes with knowing that a lot of people depend on us. We have fun with each other. We believe in individual accountability; but we also believe in shared credit. If we build a great product, it’s all of ours. If we sell a customer, it’s all of ours. If we cut costs, it’s all of ours. If we screw up, it’s all of ours. We put company success first. If we have to choose, we choose team players over individual stars. We rise or fall as one company.


Everyone who works at our company is smart. We expect everyone to be thinking, always. We expect everyone to think about the multi-dimensional implications of every line of code they write, every email they send, every dollar they spend and every commitment they make. We expect everyone to think about their responsibilities, but also about improving the company. We expect sales executives to think about product ideas, engineers to think about the cost of sales and marketing professionals to think about financing. We expect people to think outside the box and to re-invent the box with great frequency. We know thinking and experimenting go hand in hand and that some experiments fail. We love thought experiments — especially ones that are affordable, resource-lite, and data-rich.

No Drama

We don’t like “drama kings” or “drama queens.” We are here to build a great business and we think drama, intrigue and politics are a source of tremendous un-productivity. We don’t like people who scream at each other, throw keyboards or politic behind the scenes. That doesn’t mean we don’t disagree with each other. We will and we should. But we should not confuse professional disagreement with personal issues. If we have a problem, we expect to be able to surface it — quickly, transparently and respectfully. We will hire passionate individuals, but we know that passion and drama are not the same thing. We won’t agree with all of the decisions and there will be plenty of time for dissent – but once decisions are made, we will rally.