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Software Engineer Backend

BloomReach is a Silicon Valley firm that brings businesses the first open and intelligent Digital Experience Platform (DXP). BloomReach drives customer experience to accelerate the path to conversion, increase revenue, and generate customer loyalty.

With applications for content management, site search, page management, SEO optimization and role-based analytics, BloomReach is a central location for all players who manage customer experience to come together and intelligently drive business outcomes. BloomReach’s Web Relevance Engine (WRE) algorithmically understands content and users, matching demand and intent data from across the web. BloomReach is a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WCM, with tools to unlock the powerful creativity of humans to improve omnichannel customer experiences at scale. Together, human and machine generate millions of dollars of proven incremental sales.

BloomReach's portfolio of customers include: Neiman Marcus, Staples, Mailchimp, and Air Miles. Created in 2009, BloomReach is headquartered in Mountain View, CA with offices worldwide and is backed by investment firms Bain Capital Ventures, Battery Ventures, NEA, Salesforce Ventures, and Lightspeed Ventures. Learn more:

Our Bangalore team is a critical product development and innovation hub for the company, with many of the company’s key products and technology initiatives created and developed by the Bangalore team. BloomReach Commerce Search, our search and personalization product, was built and is shipped out of our Bangalore office.

What our Backend Engineers have done :

Backend Engineers at BloomReach are rock-star developers who own and lead the design and development of critical technology components.

  • BloomReach Product Search - industry leading ecommerce domain search engine. It is self-learning, has semantic understanding capabilities and offers advanced personalization features.
  • Distributed and highly scalable content indexing system which caters to some of the largest e-commerce retailers in the world.
  • Massively parallel crawler and parser that is able to crawl and index 3,600 QPS (~300 million pages per day).
  • High throughput nosql database and search systems which scale for billions of interactions and millions of products. (You need this when you serve over 20% of e-commerce users in U.S.!)
  • Real-time autocomplete system which provide suggestions faster than the blink of an eye (No, really!).
  • Distributed, highly scalable and robust configuration management system which acts a central repository for all BloomReach products (Because every merchant is different!).
  • Suite of automated deployment tools which enable single click E2E testing, and multi-system deployment (So everyone else can just worry about code!)
  • Filed multiple patents  in areas such as search algorithms, systems and SEO.
  • Contributor to the Open Source community, be it through code, or community events, or even regular meetups held at our office (We're also the official venue sponsor for the Bangalore Deep learning meetup).

What you would have done :

  • You have a B.Tech/M.Tech or equivalent degree in Computer Science or related field.
  • 2-6 years of experience building software solutions in a corporate or start up.
  • Experience with maintaining distributed systems at significant scale in a production environment
  • Designed end to end applications, which communicate with each other via services and APIs.
  • Extensive background in algorithms and strong software architecture skills.
  • Expert proficiency in backend first languages, such as C/C++, Java, Scala, Python, etc.
  • Strong knowledge of web technologies, including details of HTTP, common web frameworks such as Tomcat or Django, networking, and web performance engineering
  • Experience with map-reduce or large-scale data processing (e.g Hadoop), Linux serving systems, and MySQL a plus
  • Experience of working in and contribution to open source community like Solr, Apache a big plus.

Some of the projects we’ve worked on :

If this is you and you can prove it, we’re interested in talking to you about joining our top-flight engineering team. To get the conversation started, send along a cool piece of code, a link to something you’ve built or a hack that you’re proud of. We can’t wait to have a look.

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